Support Our Troops! Unless They Need Abortions


Or are gay, of course. Republicans have been seizing on abortion provisions in two separate military-related bills in both the Senate and the House. They’ve already won one major concession.

The first provision is in that pesky Defense Authorization Bill before the Senate — the same one that also contains the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal. It would overturn the ban on abortions in military hospitals.

If enacted, the measure would allow military servicewomen and their dependents to obtain abortion care at military hospitals if they paid for the procedure with their own money…According to CQ Today, Republican attempts to block debate or seek an amendment to remove the provision could delay negotiations on the bill for days.

With their own money? What will the babykillers demand of the government next?

That provision managed to pass the House version of the bill (just as the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell part did). But the House has been stuck over a bill sponsored by Veterans’ Affairs Committee chair, Rep. Bob Filner, which would require VA hospitals to display a list of 24 rights guaranteed to female veterans, including “the right to request and get treatment by clinicians with specific training and expertise in women’s health issues.” You know what that means.

So a day after the National Right to Life Committee complained that this might be construed as a mandate to provide abortions, Filner took that part out, and a vote is expected today. Silent capitulations: Democracy in action!

Revised Women Veterans Bill of Rights Appears to Exclude Abortion [LifeNews]
Abortion Provision Among Barriers to Passage of Senate Defense Authorization Bill [Women’s Health Policy Report]

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