Sure, We'll Go See Another Retelling of Beauty and the Beast


There’s a new version of Beauty and the Beast on the horizon. Now for the weird part of this news, via IndieWire: It’s directed by Christophe Gans, who’s also responsible for Brotherhood of the Wolf and, uh, Silent Hill. His star is Léa Seydoux, whom you might recognize from Blue Is the Warmest Color.

It doesn’t look particularly inventive—you need zero French to follow the newly released trailer, and the synopsis sounds like the same old story—but it doesn’t look Beastly, either. And at this point, any adaptation of any classic fairy tale made without the cooperation or blessing of Disney, which seems to consider an entire storytelling tradition its exclusive playground, sounds like a good idea.

Plus, Vincent Cassel. Yowza.

The movie’s due to hit French theaters in February 2014; no word on a domestic release yet.

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