Susan Collins's Support of Brett Kavanaugh Really Paid Off  


Susan Collins’s vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court apparently paid off: when it comes to itemized donations in the last quarter of 2018 (those of $200 or more, which require public disclosure), the Maine Republican raised more money from Kavanaugh supporters than from her constituents.

As HuffPost reported on Wednesday, while Collins received $19,000 in itemized donations from Mainers, she raised $32,000 from public advocates of Kavanaugh, including from women who signed letters of support: “For the most part, these people donated on the same day or after Collins’ Oct. 5 announcement that she would vote to confirm Kavanaugh.”

It was also the best fundraising quarter of her career, with Collins raising $1.8 million overall.

When the so-called Republican “moderate” made the announcement that she would confirm Kavanaugh, she gave a 43-minute long, condescending speech explaining her decision to do so. Collins praised his “judicial temperament” and said she was “alarmed and disturbed” by those who argued that supporting an accused sexual assaulter was “condoning sexual assault.”

A few days later, Collins said that her decision to confirm Kavanaugh was very “difficult.” Lucrative, too.

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