Susan Rice Wants Biden to Win, Whether She's VP or Not


Susan Rice, like all of us, just can’t handle another four years of Trump.

On Wednesday’s episode of The View, the former UN ambassador, who is assumed to be one of the women on Biden’s VP shortlist, said that while she was honored to be considered for the role, her top priority is making sure Biden wins the election.

“For my part, I care fundamentally about one thing, and that is that Joe Biden wins,” Rice told Whoopi Goldberg on The View. “I’m prepared to support him in any possible way that he thinks I can.”

Trump hasn’t said explicitly that he will accept the results of the November election, instead claiming that he will “have to see,” which is not a great sign of a functioning democracy if you ask me!

Rice acknowledged that the President’s statement is just more proof that Biden needs to win by a big margin come the general election and that Democrats need to secure control of the Senate to rid the government of Trump and all of his enablers. Fingers crossed the message is getting through to enough potential voters that will ensure a Trump loss, but I’ll be holding my breath until November.

As for whether Rice will be named VP, likely not if Politico has anything to say about it—but no official announcement has been made by the Biden campaign.

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