Sweet Summer Dresses and Hot, Hot Hair at The Way Way Back Premiere


Yesterday at the Los Angeles Film Festival premiere of The Way Way Back there were some cute dresses and some foxy hairdos you’re gonna want to pin. Let’s take a look…

Taye Diggs is perfection in his pink stripes and blue checks and tortoise shell glasses and hepcat hat. Love. Say hi to Idina for us.

Steve Carell looks handsome in gray and excellent specs.

Liam James, cute kid, but something’s off with this spread collar/tie combo, maybe the knot is too big?

Yvette Nicole Brown and Leah Pipes opted for basic black.

Krysten Ritter isn’t wearing black. Confuzzling. Doesn’t she almost always wear black? Or is that Chloe? Anyway. She looks so good in black. But this grey jacketdress is okay.

Are Debby Ryan‘s shoes lucite-heeled slingback thongs? Because ew.

Toni Collette‘s jumpsuit: Appealing or appalling? In some angles it looks like a garbage bag condom; in other shots it’s minimalist tuxedo chic. Torn. One thing is for sure: Her tousled hair is fabulous.

AnnaSophia Robb‘s little floral dress is cute, but let’s talk about THE HAIR! Love the sections and the braids and the height.

More shots of that hair. Pretty, and off the neck to beat the heat.

Best dressed goes to Allison Janney, who looks summery and amazing in a hothouse flower sheath, sunny clutch and luscious locks. Do the damn thing, C.J.!

Images via Getty.

(If you’re wondering what The Way Way Back is, here’s the trailer:)

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