Sydney Leathers Is Selling Her Excess Labia


Sydney Leathers, the chick who turned her sexting relationship with Anthony Weiner into something resembling a media career, has really managed to stretch out her 15 minutes. But for Leathers, elongated infamy is one thing and elongated labia another. That’s right, she’s having labiaplasty. And she’s auctioning off the excess skin to the highest bidder.

How would one even go about preserving such a thing, you might ask. Pickled in a jar? Dried out like jerky? The latter would certainly lend itself to better branding opportunities. (Leathers’ Leathers sounds about right.) But no, she’s encasing it in lucite.

As TMZ so eloquently put it:

Think Hans Solo being frozen in carbonite—smelly, disgusting Hans Solo.

Anyway, the auction comes just in time for the holidays, so if you’ve been worrying about what to get your office secret Santa, your problems are solved.

Sydney Leathers Excess Lady Parts for Sale! [TMZ]

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