Taco Bell is Offering a Lifetime of Free Food

In Depth

A new contest has Taco Bell offering the hypothetical perfect prize for many hungry, grease-loving Americans: a literal lifetime of free Taco Bell food.

This is not a drill, people. Taco Bell is actually offering all the sweet, delicious, toilet-busting food you can eat for the rest of your life (which probably won’t be very long, considering how much Taco Bell you’ll be eating).

To promote their new dollar menu, Taco Bell has announced their Eleven Everlasting Dollars challenge. As the dude from Epic Meal Time notes in the below video, the challenge works like this: there are eleven different one-dollar bills in eleven different cities across the US, marked by serial number, which Taco Bell is releasing one at a time. Presumably this is only US cities, anyway; they haven’t announced any past the first two. They released the number for Los Angeles today and will release Chicago tomorrow, then one a day after that.

This is making me desperately wish I ever carried cash. I’d die in a matter of weeks if I won, but at least I’d die happy.

Image via Ken Wolter/Shutterstock.

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