Take a Look at What It's Like to Film a Hollywood Sex Scene

It’s probably not a secret that filming a sex scene in front of a bunch of people for a movie is not as sensual and intimate as it looks in the final product. But this video really drives it home.

The sort of NSFW-ish video above features Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson filming a sex scene for a movie called Stretch (check out the trailer here). The film is directed by Joe Carnahan, who can be heard off camera giving some direction and cheering his actors on for their performances. Vulture had a great article a few years ago which featured several actors and actresses sharing stories of how awkward filming sex scenes can be (I highly encourage everyone to read it if you haven’t already).

“Great fucking!” shouts Carnahan during the video. You know when your boss offers you a friendly pat on the back and encouraging smile after your PowerPoint presentation on the new payroll system your department is unveiling next week? That’s exactly like this. Exactly. Except people are probably not naked and spritzed down with cans of water during your PowerPoint. (OR MAYBE THEY ARE? I don’t know you and your office nudity policies.)

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