Taylor Lautner Is A Vampire, Not A Werewolf!


Is it possible that Taylor Lautner, the 19-year-old actor who plays werewolf Jacob Black in the Twilight films, is actually a vampire who’s been a teenager for 46 years — or more? Someone named Natahsa sent this image to teen gossip site Ocean Up, with the message:

Today I was looking at my teacher’s yearbook and he graduated in 1965.. So I was flipping through the pictures and came across a Taylor Lautner lookalike!

Some possibilities:

  • 1. Taylor Lautner is an actual vampire who never ages.
  • 2. Taylor Lautner has a portrait of himself in his attic, and it is hideous.
  • 3. Natasha is playing a hoax on us all, and this is a photoshopped yearbook picture.

Personally? I like answer number 2 the best.

Taylor Lautner LOOKALIKE FROM 1965 [OceanUp]

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