Taylor Swift and Your Mom Shop at the Same Place Now


Yesterday, Taylor Swift was photographed stepping into her New York apartment wearing — LO AND BEHOLD — a heart patterned sweater purchased from popular mall retailer Talbots. Not only are Tay and your mother sharing ex boyfriends these days(your mom dated John Mayer, btw), they’re also sharing a favorite store.

Here’s the full ensemble (you can see an outfit breakdown at Tom and Lorenzo):

I’m not usually one to fawn over Swift, but ladyface looks adorable here — so adorable, in fact, that I wouldn’t be surprised if Talbots — a store most commonly frequented by women who think Ann Taylor is just too flashy —got an influx of youth shoppers, all looking for this sweater.

Enjoy your time being cool, Talbots! I can sadly tell you from personal experience (I was popular for one month in 8th grade), it won’t last for long.

(P.S. My mom might actually kill me if I let you think that she wears Talbots. She did, however, date John Mayer.)

Images via Splash.

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