Taylor Swift Has Words for All You Celebrity Pregnancy Sleuths

In response to Lady GaGa clarifying that, contrary to aggressive online speculation, she is not pregnant, Swift commented that it's “invasive & irresponsible to comment on a woman’s body.” 

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Taylor Swift Has Words for All You Celebrity Pregnancy Sleuths

Taylor Swift is not her best friend Selena Gomez in that Swift is not constantly getting into it in Instagram and TikTok comment sections. So, when you do find her lurking there, it’s usually for something of at least vague importance. In this case, on Wednesday, Swift popped up in the comment section of a TikTok posted by Lady GaGa, which featured the lyrics of Swift’s new song “Down Bad.”

In the TikTok, GaGa addresses the torrent of pregnancy rumors that started after photos of her at her sister’s wedding surfaced over the weekend. Her caption states she’s “not pregnant, just down bad cryin’ at the gym,” and then tells us to register to vote. Great use of toxic social media attention, my girl!

Enter, Swift: “Can we all agree that it’s invasive & irresponsible to comment on a woman’s body. Gaga doesn’t owe anyone an explanation & neither does any woman,” Swift wrote under GaGa’s video.

Swift, like any female celebrity constantly swimming in eyeballs, is hardly a stranger to “invasive & irresponsible” pregnancy rumors herself. Celebrity pregnancy speculation is pretty much just body-shaming dressed in an added layer of insensitivity, given we don’t know what any of these women’s pregnancy journeys have been. It’s all awful and perhaps inspiration for Swift’s upcoming Female Rage musical???? 

That said, there are some fans who wonder about what Swift does and doesn’t choose to address on social media (“taylor saw all those tweets telling her to say something about gaza but she misread it and thought people said gaga,” one Twitter user mused.) And as with any celebrity… fair!

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