Taylor Swift Is Dropping Incredibly Obvious Clues About a New Album


Taylor Swift has gone almost Full Batman Villain in recent days, dropping enigmatic ciphers on her Instagram account that we, the non-Swifts, are apparently supposed to piece together and solve. OMGOD WHATSOEVER COULD SHE BE HINTING AT?

The clues, which St. Taylor began posting earlier this week, are small in number (there are only 3 so far) and seem pretty obvious (it’s probably about a new album! It is probably not about foreign affairs!). In the first, which Taylor conveniently labels CLUE #1, the singer is seen repeatedly pushing a button with the number 18 on it.

Months have days in them that are numbered. The 18th of this month hasn’t happened yet! COULD IT BE?!?!?!

Following that, Swift posted a slightly more challenging clue, this time featuring the time 5:00 superimposed over a picture of her Scottish Fold kitten Olivia Benson (a name that I did not have to look up, because I am adult with normal adult hobbies and interests that include memorizing the name of Taylor Swift’s cats). Olivia Benson is sitting on a shelf that is directly beneath a picture of New York City as painted from the perspective of, uh, a boat traveling between Staten Island and Manhattan. To help us out, Taylor labeled it “Cluuuuuue number twoooooo….”

August 18th in New York City, something is going to happen that involves Taylor Swift and the number 5 and maybe her cat and probably some music, since that’s what Taylor Swift does (AND she was just interviewed for an upcoming issue of Rolling Stone AND her fourth album came out 2 years ago, so it’s about time for another one. Number 5. Like the number on her clue).

Then, today, out of the blue: Clue 3. Which makes less sense than the first two.

Is that the name of the album? Yahoo? What is happening?! WHAT IS REALITY?

These sort of Riddler shenanigans would get some people on the No Fly List, but not Taylor Swift. She’s got people atwitter over a possible Beyoncé-style entire album drop, or at the very least, the release or performance of a new single (MTV has a good round up of some of the most and least reasonable theories here). Or some cat stuff. Who can know for sure except Taylor Swift, the elusive chanteuse?

Images via Instagram/Taylor Swift

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