Taylor Swift Pulls a Grinch Move, Files to Trademark 'Swiftmas'


Taylor Swift is developing a habit of becoming rather attached to words — so attached, in fact, that she wants to own them. In January it was “this sick beat”; now she’s pursuing the rights to “Swiftmas,” “Blank Space,” and, umm, “1989.”

According to Buzzfeed, Swift “wants to trademark” words and phrases associated with the album 1989. If she succeeds, the mundane declarative “And I’ll write your name,” will technically belong to her.

Of course, context matters in trademark law, so, as Buzzfeed mentions, those of you born in 1989 don’t need to worry about crediting T-Swifty every time you fill out a form. She only seeks the rights “to the numbers in the ‘stylized form’” below:

If you run a search for this application, you’ll see that her ownership of this “word mark” would extend pretty far, as would the term “Swiftmas.” Buzzfeed notes that Tay really wants that one on lock. Just look at all the places its use would be forbidden.

Let’s all pour one out for the season of giving.

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Top Image via Getty. Embedded Screengrab via United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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