Team Trump Wants Literally Anyone to Join a Desperate Brainstorming Session to Find Voter Fraud

Team Trump Wants Literally Anyone to Join a Desperate Brainstorming Session to Find Voter Fraud
Image:Drew Angerer (Getty Images)

Outgoing president Donald Trump is going absolutely ape shit trying to finagle his way to a second term. As suit after suit challenging outcomes in some states get turned down by judges, like a trapped rat, Trump’s actions are getting more drastic and less logical. The AP reports that Trump is “personally calling local election officials” and inviting them to the White House for some sort of brain storming session to figure out how to find enough voter fraud to overturn the election. One such call seems to have born fruit: After being contacted by the White House, one member of the Wayne county board of canvassers released a request to rescind her vote to certify the election results.

Experts are saying, sorry no take backsies. Joanna Lydgate, national director of the Voter Protection Program explained to the Washington Post, “the legislature has no role in certification, as its leaders have already publicly admitted. This raises serious legal and ethical concerns about the president’s conduct — but it will not alter the outcome of the election.”

But something so small as voter rights—or, you know, laws—isn’t going to stop the Trump circus from shouting from the rooftops that he’s been robbed of a win. It certainly has no effect on sweaty ass Giuliani who appears to be melting as he lies. That’s what happens when you sell your soul to Satan’s minion, you’re just hot and sweaty all the fucking time. [Washington Post]

Lara Trump, who just to be clear isn’t a real Trump but inexplicably became one by choice, is considering running for office. Lady Trump has reportedly told some of her associates that she’s considering running for Senate in 2022, gunning for the North Carolina seat which has not been available “in a generation.”

Like her father in law, Trump has no previous political experience other than being hired as an advisor for the Trump campaign. But luckily she’s got all of the other important qualities needed to win an election: money, youth, name recognition, and being hella white. While no official moves have been made, should Lara Trump choose to run she likely won’t be able to count on her father-in-law’s endorsement as he would never elevate a woman that wasn’t his favorite child Ivanka. [The New York Times]

  • At some point between today and a day that is not today, Joe Biden will be announcing his pick for Treasury Secretary. Stay tuned. [Twitter]
  • President Bolsanaro of Brazil is posting some really weird shit, somebody check on him. [Twitter]
  • Erin Brokovich is blogging about her discontent with Biden’s pick for his EPA transition team. [The Guardian]
  • Supervisors at Tyson Foods allegedly took bets on how many of their workers would contract coronavirus. [Slate]
  • Ben Carson, a doctor, gets his medical advice the guy who invented My Pillow. [The Hill]
  • The plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer had a Plan B that involved televised executions. [ABC]
  • Kelly Loeffler has been accused of violating ethics rules while fundraising for her runoff race in Georgia. Cathy Englebert if you were looking for a sign, this is it! [HuffPost]
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