Tech Exec Sues Craigslist After Ad Accuses Him of Being a Cheater


Strong-chinned tech executive, John Goullet, is suing Craigslist after an anonymous poster took to the site to accuse him of being a serial cheater. The original post also asked readers to email Goullet’s long-time girlfriend, Theresa Olguin, and provided the wardrobe stylist’s email address.

Readers apparently took the poster up on the offer. According to the Daily Mail:

I cannot tell her because we have people in common. She deserves to know while he is screwing dozens of women even younger than his own kids,’ the user explained on the classified ads site.
Following the posting – titled, ‘Please tell my friend her boyfriend is cheating’ – Miss Olguin allegedly received an email from a reader named Adam, accusing Mr Goullet of repeatedly cheating on her.
The 49-year-old wardrobe stylist, who has been with Mr Goullet for three years, was also sent a mysterious letter at her Trump Place apartment in New York last April, the New York Post reported.
According to court papers, the letter read: ‘I know you have been with John for awhile. I feel you should know that I have seen him with another woman several times… It is not platonic.

Goullet, who owns the New Jersey-based Diversant Inc, denies the allegations. His lawsuit asks that Craigslist reveal the identity of the original poster. But we all know that the “anonymous poster” is really just Goullet’s sidepiece, right?

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