Teen Beauty Queen Stripped Of Her Crown For Going Brunette

  • A 15-year-old beauty queen was stripped of her title after officials spotted pictures of her on Facebook with newly dyed hair. The formerly blonde Miss Teen Wanganui was asked to hand over her crown when she chose to go brunette.

Olivia O’Neil says the pageant organizer also told her she “would not go far in this world.” The pageant’s office defends their decision: “The expectation in holding the crown was that she maintain the image she had when she won it,” a spokeswoman said.

  • A former swimmer has filed a lawsuit against her ex-coach and USA Swimming. Jancy Thompson claims that coach Norm Havercroft sexually abused her for five years, starting when she was 15. He also humiliated her publicly by forcing her to wear a dog collar while she swam. Thompson says the abuse was so bad that she was forced to give up the sport she loved, and with it, her dream of becoming an Olympian.
  • Four lucky Chicago sisters gave birth this past weekend to four babies in just four days. They say the timing was unplanned, but they will have to start planning some epic birthday parties for the infant cousins.
  • The UN is urging countries like the UK and the US to cut back on their meat consumption. One possible way to do this is through the consumption of bugs. For a field guide to the alternative source of protein (plus a bunch of ew bugs! complaining) check out the Daily Mail‘s take.
  • A Pennsylvania woman is suing Disney for negligence, battery, and infliction of emotional distress after she was groped at the Epcot Center in Florida by an employee dressed as Donald Duck. She is seeking upwards of $50,000 in damages.
  • A male model was attacked on Sunday night by a party-goer at Highbar in NYC. James Leahy allegedly bit off a portion of model Ronnie Brown’s ear. Fortunately, doctors were able to sew it back together. Oh, and there are pictures.
  • According to Marie Claire, there are about 143,000 unemployed dads staying at home playing Mr. Mom in the U.S.. This is, apparently, a status thing for women: “In a way, it’s almost like bragging for a woman to say she has a stay-at-home husband,” explains one bread-winning mom.
  • Researchers from the University of Alabama found that oral sex has become a “fundamental part of the sexual revolution of the 21st century.” Somehow, the fact that people are engaging in oral sex is actually news to some professors. Also interesting: only 9% of the respondents believed that oral sex is “more intimate” than intercourse.
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