Teen Mom 2 Returns With Outdated Storylines That Happened Over a Year Ago


MTV has released the extended trailer for the third season of Teen Mom 2, which was filmed over a year ago. The problem with documenting these young women’s lives for a reality show is that they’re now celebrities, so their lives are actually documented in real time through tabloid stories, paparazzi shots, arrest records, and their own Twitter accounts. Sitting on footage for over a year means that this new season will be super out of date and will hold no real surprises.

These girls’ circumstances change drastically on a week-to-week basis, so that the lives they were living over a year ago barely resemble the lives they’re living now. When we last saw Leah, she was in a troubled marriage, struggling to make ends meet, and focused on getting a diagnosis for her special needs child. Since then, she’s gotten divorced, pregnant, had a miscarriage and then got married and pregnant again. And since then, she’s become a Republican who doesn’t believe in government assistance, which happens to coincide nicely with the fact that she no longer needs it. Her new husband, according to her, is raking it in. But the new season of the show will only show a fraction of that.

And then there’s Jenelle. She got engaged, got tits, got back with Kieffer, had a nude picture scandal, and got arrested againnot once, not twice, but four times!

It will be nice to see Barb again, though.

Teen Mom 2 (Season 3) Trailer [MTV]

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