Teen Mom 3 Star Mackenzie Mckee Is Now a Competitive Bodybuilder 


What do you do when your reality TV run ends? Farrah Abraham became an adult superstar, Whitney Purvis got a DUI, and Mackenzie McKee got into professional bodybuilding. She’s just finished her second competition and is ready to take the competitive physique-sculpting word by storm.

People reports that McKee, who appeared on Teen Mom 3, has been posting photos of herself and her rock-hard abs all over Instagram, thanking her husband (and father of her two children) for being supportive, and letting all her fans know that you don’t get a hard body without making some sacrifices in the eating department.

Nutrition is an important part of McKee’s training regimen because she’s diabetic. And the reason you may not have heard about her first foray into the world of posing while oiled and bronzed is because she didn’t do very well.

“My first show I was eating 750 calories a day, I felt like crap, I was taking 10 units of insulin per meal, I had no clue what diet to do for my body, I could not pose worth crap, I had no energy, and my hormones were jacked from bad nutrition,” she explained in a post of her veggie-filled dinner.

This time, however, McKee said she’s got her “nutrition down” and is looking and feeling better even though she’s eating three times more than what she was before. She placed twice in the competition she just participated in, even though she says it was impossible finding a bikini that covered the scars from her c-section.

The Oklahoma native, 21, placed second out of two competitors in the Fitness Routines and Fitness Two-Piece divisions, and fourth out of six in the larger Novice Bikini event at the National Physique Committee Oklahoma Grand Prix Saturday.

Okay, so maybe it’s not Olympia, but McKee says she’s planning to get there. While the rest of us enjoy a heaping bowl of Cheetos as we watch her on our DVRs, she’s already back in the gym training to become the world’s strongest and fittest.

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