Teen Vogue Is the Latest Women's Magazine to Get Into the Conference Business


In an interview last month with the New York Times Magazine, Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Elaine Welteroth discussed what the next step would be for the magazine’s “woke” audience after winning them over with a recent political reinvention.

“Phase 2 of Teen Vogue’s evolution is activating this audience that we’ve galvanized. I see that happening through live experiences, products and services,” she told the magazine. “You’re woke. O.K. Now what?’’

Now we finally get to see what those live experiences are, as Teen Vogue has announced it will host a summit in Los Angeles in early December, as well as meet-ups across the country in different cities.

The summit takes place the first two days of December in two parts. The first day includes “@Werk immersions” where attendees will visit different “exciting companies” in LA, such as Girlboss Media, headed by ex-Nasty Gal CEO Sofia Amoruso, who has launched her own similar conference. And the second event includes a series of panels and workshops in Playa Vista. The summit, which is sponsored by LIFEWTR and PBTeen, is described as such:

…you’ll get to connect with like-minded, ambitious young game-changers from around the country, as well as iconic and influential leaders who are killing it in their fields. A stacked lineup of keynotes, hands-on workshops, and mentoring will leave you activated and inspired to take your world by storm!

The event sounds more like it’s catering to young adults than teenagers, especially when you discover the cost. Tickets to day one cost $249, tickets to day two cost $349, and the whole weekend costs $499 (with a $15 fee.) That is a lotta money for an audience whose main source of income probably comes from mall retail shifts and summer lifeguard duty!

Magazines have recently started hosting more live events and conferences with varying prices. Vogue is holding a conference next month of panels with fashion industry insiders, to which tickets cost $3,000. Marie Claire hosted a day-long event of panels and workshops in the UK last year that cost £95 (around $128). Cosmopolitan held a “Let’s Talk About It” confidence conference for one day in New York City this summer and tickets cost $50.

Teen Vogue seems to realize that, yes, their summit is expensive. So they’re also going to pay for the tickets, trip fare, and accommodations for 50 attendees who apply for the help (and selected in collaboration with the mentorship organization Step Up.) But the event’s price is not that far off from the magazine’s previous summit of-sorts Fashion University, which included speakers and panels from fashion designers and editors, and took place in New York City at a cost of roughly $275. It seems like Teen Vogue’s main summit has really just been rebranded as an event for activists and entrepreneurs.

And if you can’t make the summit, Teen Vogue will also be hosting a series of meet-ups in Tom’s (the shoe company) Community Hubs for readers in different cities including Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis, Austin and New York City. “Each Meetup will be hosted by a Teen Vogue editor (and special guests) and offer a chance for you to make connections with other entrepreneurial young leaders and activists in your area.” But you’re still going to have to fork over $35 to attend these meet-ups. Because, as we all know, activism isn’t free!

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