Teens Today Watch Mean Girls and Pretty Much Love It


The film that made Lindsay Lohan a household name may be a decade old, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t held up really well.

It’s hard to even imagine it has been ten years since Mean Girls came out. Throughout all of the popular Kids/Teens React series, the theme tends to be “OMG WHAT IS THIS OLD THING, I DON’T GET IT” with hilarious results. This time, the teens absolutely love the movie and seem to have no problem relating to it. Most of them know all the references and memes the film spawned, too. Plus, all the jokes are still funny, even to people who were as young as six when they were first written. Gotta give it up to Tina Fey for that—making a timeless comedy that works this well a decade later is pretty remarkable. “Every teenage boy and girl needs to watch this,” proclaims one teenager. Agreed!

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