Tell Us About Your Biggest Relationship Deal-Breaker

Pissing Contest is back and this time we’re exploring the moments in your life when someone—be it a crush or significant other—did something so egregious and embarrassing that you never could imagine being aroused by them again. These are your relationship last straws and ultimate boner killers.

To get you started, here are some examples of real life deal breakers from the staff of A barista crush was killed dead when a Jez staffer overheard him talking about how much he loved the movie Kids, a romantic relationship with a personal trainer ended soon after his Jezebel girlfriend saw him trip at the gym (way harsh, Tai) and an email from a suitor who wanted to “get tangled with” one of our writers went forever unanswered.

Other things we will not abide: being rude to servers, being mean to animals, very specific (and annoying) verbal habits, spitting on the sidewalk, calling immigrants “illegals” and boot cut jeans. Boy, do we hate boot cut jeans.

Now it’s you’re turn to share! We’ll announce the winners with the best deal breaker stories next Friday.

Image via Shutterstock.

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