Tell Us About Your First Life-Altering, All-Consuming Obsessive Crush


So you already told us about the first time you had sex, but who was it with? Or, more appropriately, who do you wish it had been with? Or who did you wish it had been with before you knew that, actually, your crush, the supposed love of your life, was actually kind-of a jackass?

For me, it was a boy on my middle school kickball team. He was left field, I was short stop. It was never meant to be, but that didn’t stop me from obsessing over what it would be like to be invited back to dinner at his house and hold hands under the table (AKA third base). The crush ended when he kicked a ball straight into my face during practice and sent me to the ER. I got five stitches. He didn’t even say sorry.

As I got older, it was all Broadway stars. Anthony Rapp, anyone? (Oh, Laura.)

Tell us your most heartbreaking, most hilarious, most lovely, and/or most humiliating crush stories below. We’ll compile the 10 most satisfying ones and post them early next week.

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