Temptation Island Will Go On With a Quarantined Crew

Temptation Island Will Go On With a Quarantined Crew
Screenshot:USA Network/Temptation Island

Temptation Island, the reality tv dating show that is not Love Island despite the fact that couples compete to see if they can manage not to cheat on their significant other, will continue on as coronavirus-related shelter in place restrictions become more relaxed in a few international locations.

According to Variety, Temptation Island will film in the Dominican Republic in July for its Spanish version with strict guidelines: each cast and crew member will be tested for covid-19 and quarantined for two weeks prior to production, where if they test negative, they will move onto the show but can expect to be repeatedly tested as the season goes on. German, Dutch, and Finnish versions of Temptation Island will also film this summer, with the German version undergoing even stricter limitations, including “plexiglass walls in vehicles and control room, daily fever measurements twice a day, as well as coronavirus tests in case of suspected cases; use of masks, gloves and distancing for crew; disinfection of working spaces and kit; and working in clusters to minimize risk of infection.”

Banijay Group’s senior VP for format acquisitions, Carlotta Rossi Spencer, told Variety that a U.S. season of the show was scheduled to film in Maui but has been temporarily canceled. She’s hoping to bring the show back with strict guidelines like its international counterparts at some point this year. “It’s just a matter of knowing when they can go (into production),” she said, adding that safety is “the number one priority,” so they will look at other filming locations to ensure the U.S. show gets filmed this year.

I imagine if the show is successful, ABC and The Bachelor will follow in their footsteps soon. I’m not ready for that, but I would take another Below Deck season. Quick, someone get Bravo on the phone.

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