Terrible Things Await Women Who Use Men's Razors, Says Gillette


Cosmo is shedding light on a terrible problem in our society: Ladies who use men’s razors. A recent study by Venus found that 30% of women use razors made for beard-shaving, prompting the mag to write in an article encouraging ladies to use appropriately-gendered shaving products:

Venus found that some women think the guy’s blades are sharper. However, the ones they use in the Gillette Fusion are exactly the same as the Venus Embrace. Another theory? Some women like the way the men’s razors look-sleek, shiny and silver. But there are so many reasons the women’s versions are designed differently: We’re shaving 18 times more surface area than men! The oval face glides easily, there are more moisturizing strips and the squishy handle keeps it from slipping-and helps us not cut up the backs of our knees. Which would you rather: A silver razor or nick-free legs?

Something about this made our spidey sense tingle, but Cosmo also declared, “If you’re thinking it seems biased because Venus wants us to use Venus, know that Venus is owned by Gillette, which makes the men’s razors that so many of us are using.” That’s true, but the article neglects to mention that women’s razors tend to be more expensive than those designed for men. But, surely that isn’t why Gillette has invested in a campaign to convince women to use lady razors. That men’s razor you love so much isn’t designed for your womanly curves, so there’s a good chance you’ll accidentally slice your leg off one of these days.

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