That One Time Jennifer Lawrence's Maid Found Her Butt Plugs


Stars are just like us — in that they’re always getting caught with a suitcases full of butt plugs.

Take Jennifer Lawrence, for example. A friend once gave her a collection (a murder? a heard?) of butt plugs as “a joke” and Lawrence, worried that the cleaner might find them, hastily stuffed them under her hotel bed before leaving for the day. What she didn’t consider is that cleaners generally do clean under the bed, so the maid found her stash right away.

So what did the maid do? Shame her? Call TMZ? No! She arranged them in a nice little display on the night stand, just like they do with those swans made of bath towels and flower petals. How quaint!

And here’s another cute story from her interview on Conan about her unstoppable hyper activity and the time she wet the bed as a teenager.

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