That Time I Decided I Was F**King Done

Missy, Leah, Hollie, and Veronica are F**King DONE!!!!


Kevin Can F**K Himself, starring Emmy winner Annie Murphy as Allison, probes the secret life of a type of woman we all grew up believing we knew: the sitcom wife. Alternating between single-camera realism and multi-camera comedy, we see what happens when the sitcom wife decides she’s F**King done and escapes her confines, finally taking the the lead in her own life.

It might be months of mistreatment, full-on humiliation, or an accidental kiss (WTF); whatever the case, Missy, Leah, Hollie, and Veronica have had enough. Just like Allison in Kevin Can F**k Himself on AMC, they are F**KING DONE — and it’s oh so satisfying to watch them tell David, Gabriel, Sean, Connor, and Kevin to F**K themselves!

We can’t wait to check out Kevin Can F**K Himself, premiering June 20th on AMC, and streaming NOW on AMC+!

This post is a sponsored collaboration between AMC and G/O Media Studios.

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