The Actress Who Voiced Teen Elsa in Frozen Got Paid Just $926.20


The movie Frozen has made bank for many people—Disney, toymakers, Norway. But one person has not collected a big fat paycheck and that’s the teen who voiced young Queen Elsa. She was paid a mere $926.20.

That’s according to TMZ. They pulled the information from a contract filed recently with the courts, which reveals 15-year-old Spencer Lacey Ganus was paid less than a grand for her part in the film. Basically, Disney cut her a check for a day’s work and that was that. Shit, a blonde girl with half-decent sewing skills could probably make more money than that appearing at grammar schools. Not sure why we’re learning this now, though—TMZ was too busy making the obvious “Let It Go” joke for the second time to explain any further. It doesn’t say she’s suing or even complaining.

But it makes for a great reminder that not every kid who goes to Hollywood gets Hannah Montana’s paycheck, so please do feel free to share this tidbit with any 14-year-old aspiring starlets in your social circle.

Image via AP.

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