The Army Shows Women's Butts Some Love


160,000 women serve in the U.S. army, but it’s taken until now for them to get a uniform design that’s designed to fit their bodies — one that acknowledges the existence of breasts and hips, and adds elastic waistbands.

The ACU, or army combat uniform, was “designed for a male,” Sgt. 1st Class William Corp told Army Times. “A man typically has broader shoulders. So when a woman puts on the jacket, the shoulder pockets are more toward her back. This is one of the things we’re looking to correct.” It will come in 13 sizes.

Here’s the new uniform. Another army official told AFP, “The goal is not to have female soldiers accentuate their curves, but… it alleviates some of the excess material.” Overall, it’s meant to make female soldiers feel more comfortable as they perform their duties. It’s currently being tested and hasn’t been widely released yet.

Meanwhile, Navy said in August it would consult with Ralph Lauren, which had “offered to provide advice
regarding women’s uniform sizing and help support current initiatives,” a spokeswoman said. Many female sailors had complained about the rise, or crotch-to-waist distance of the pants.

Via Get Kempt.

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