The Best Tweets From Pinterest Butt Hack 2014


Twitter users have responded to yesterday’s Pinterest hacking and everyone is in agreement—it was hilarious.

As you know, we’ve been performing our rigorous journalistic duties by tirelessly covering the Pinterest Butt Hack 2014. (Yes, that’s what it’s called. Some of the other writers wanted to go with “Buttgate ’14” but it lost in a straw vote.) Someone, possibly Tina Belcher, hacked Pinterest last night, replacing thousands of pictures of upcycled record crate plant holders and vintage wedding hairstyles with butts. Lots and lots of butts.

While innocent decoupagers were sleeping soundly in their warm beds, wrapped up in their Celtic-patterned crochet blankets they couldn’t offload on Etsy, Twitter (Pinterest’s rich, obnoxious ex-brother-in-law) was laughing about their misfortune.

While we’ve seen people use Twitter freak the fuck out about other things, it can be easily said that the collective Internet response to “Oh wow, my Pinterest got hacked” was a resounding meh.

None of us will ever forget where we were during Pinterest Butt Hack 2014. I just hope and pray all of your photos of lemon chiffon cupcakes are safe and sound. I’m sure today, we all love them just a little bit more than we did yesterday.

Image via Twitter.

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