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I have grown so obsessed with Sammi Jefcoacte—a U.K.-based influencer who’s style, aesthic, and general cool-as-fuck vibe is essentially everything I wish I was. Her “Get Dressed With Me” toks have her pairing structured, luxury pieces with things like leather harnesses and black latex tops, always adding bright pops of colors with her stacks of gold charms and jewelry, and designer handbags. She also has an incredible shoe and perfume collection, always has the raddest and most intricate nails (that she always documents as “It’s my favorite day, new nail day”), and preaches that you should always just wear whatever the fuck you want.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt this strongly or this inspired by a style icon. She’s essentially a high-fashion rocker/biker/domintrix idol and my god, does she make me want to bleach my hair, get 100,000 tats, move to London, and never look back. —LT

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