The Bride Who Claims Chelsea Will Ruin Her Wedding


Look, we can all sympathize with the bride whose nuptials might be disrupted by the chaos that will be involved in Chelsea’s wedding. But what was Chelsea supposed to do? Find a town with no other weddings happening that day?

Emn Haddad-Friedman and her fiance Alex Bero booked their Rhinebeck, NY wedding (an unusual) two years in advance. A few weeks ago, they discovered that Clinton’s wedding was rumored to be happening in the same small town, and the bride is now freaking out because she worries that potential road-closings will keep both the media salivating over Chelsea’s wedding and her own guests out.

As extremely bridezilla-adverse as I happen to be (I don’t even like “birthday girl-zillas”), even I sympathize with Haddad-Friedman, because if all this really is happening (and the rumored setting isn’t, as she hopes, a ruse), she doesn’t sound like a spoiled brat. She doesn’t even have a wedding planner! Her single mom “mail-merged the place cards”! She’s the little match girl, basically!

Empathetically, this could really muck up her special day. And that sucks. However, like with rain on a wedding day, nobody is actually to blame here. Was Chelsea to have her wedding on a deserted island just to ensure that not a single person was even slightly inconvenienced?

But if you read to the end of the story, you get why Haddad-Friedman has gone to the press with this. It isn’t just to get “wah wah my special day isn’t perfect” attention — she seems to have a shrewd agenda. The story has some odd moments, like: “And her cupcake wedding cake isn’t likely to overlap with Chelsea’s: “It’s from our friend’s New York bakery One Girl Cookies.” (Why on earth would that matter?)

But Haddad-Friedman seems intent on getting more than a plug for her friend’s cookie shop: at the end of the story, she gushes about what a big Hillary Clinton supporter her mother is, and even throws in a formal invitation to the Clintons from her mother: “As mother of the bride, I’d be honored to formally invite Bill, Hilary, Chelsea, and her new husband, Marc, to our wedding.”

So the whole thing is a last-ditch desperate plea to get the Clintons to use their magical powers of fame (and power) to ensure that Haddad-Friedman’s wedding goes off without a hitch. Pretty smart, actually! When life gives you lemons that have even the slightest connection to a celebrity, go to the media and complain about them. It’s so bridezilla-crazy it just might work. (But for real, I think we all wish her the best.)


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