The Cheap Old Houses Instagram Account Is the Only Good Instagram Account

The Cheap Old Houses Instagram Account Is the Only Good Instagram Account

As far as social media platforms go, Instagram the one I find most monotonous and soul sucking. I rarely use it, which puts me in the minority of people who’d rather suffer psychic death and scroll fatigue on Twitter. One account, however, has kept me committed to the ‘gram. It is so great, I must share it with you now: CheapOldHouses.

It is exactly what the title suggests—a series of photographs for various listings all over the world with specific focus on the United States, all of which are for sale under or around $100,000. The cheapest listing I’ve ever seen was for a church in Syracuse, NY ($1,000) and the most expensive varies, from a gorgeous Victorian property with a wraparound front porch in Limestone County, Texas ($99,500) to a massive, multi-building property in Burrillville, Rhode Island ($110,000). Every once in a while, there’s even a free home. That’s right: it’s usually nothing more than four walls and a roof in a rural town in the middle of a scarcely populate state, but it costs $0. Wow.

In a time where home ownership will evade most Americans, it’s nice to play an endless game of “what if.” Couldn’t you see yourself moving to Detroit and fixing up this cottage?

Or residing in this converted train car an hour outside of St. Louis?

How about this Kansas City, Missouri home that definitely used to house Smurfs?

Or this gorgeous wood structure in Brattfors, Sweden?

I could lose hours doing this, and I often do. I mean, come on:

You’re kidding.

CheapOldHouses is aspirational, sure, but it’s founded on the idea that you could one day become a home owner, and I’m a sucker for hopeful content. I love clicking through images and imagining all the people I could be and lives I could live. It’s great! Give the people behind the handle an HGTV show, I’d watch the crap out of that.

If you’re looking for a whimsical follow to distract you from this hell world, look no further. And then answer this question for me: Should I just say fuck it, take out a loan and blow all my savings on this home in Mulazzo, Italy?

“Buongiorno, bitches!” really rolls off the tongue.

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