The Circle Was Right (About Quarantining)

The Circle Was Right (About Quarantining)

As panic over COVID-19 spreads and numerous experts warn people not to panic, the idea of living in a quarantine state is becoming increasingly popular. People are stocking up on supplies, some schools have been closed, and a privileged few are working from home when possible, to slow down the potential spread of the virus in the U.S. It is an agoraphobe’s dream scenario. But in a time like this, there’s one group of experts who can successfully guide everyone through a new life of quarantine.

You remember The Circle, the Netflix reality show in which each contestant was locked in their own room with nothing but their TV and a fully stocked fridge to survive. On the rare occasion that anyone was allowed outdoors, it was pre-scheduled, and only one person could go to the designated area at a time. It’s like they knew this virus was coming. More than a masterclass on catfishing, The Circle illustrates a few essential tools for thriving as a permanent party of one.

Throughout their time on The Circle, contestants still kept their minds and bodies active to avoid going utterly insane over talking to a TV screen all day. Some worked out in the apartment’s attached gym, made friendship bracelets, and Miranda started and unfortunately never finished a jigsaw puzzle. While there may not be time to convert one’s living room into a full-on gym, working out at home with a free YouTube video could be the overwhelming fitness trend of 2020. Maybe instead of stocking up on sardines and toilet paper, just purchase every puzzle available online before the price gouging really starts.

For a guide on hygiene while trapped in a hell of our own making, look no further than Joey Sasso. Of all the contestants, Joey spent the most time in front of the bathroom camera cleansing, masking, and shaving his entire body. (Although, he also illustrated the dangers of swapping spit with a stranger. After meeting in person for the first time, he and Miranda shared a kiss on his couch, and then Miranda disappeared into the night.) Pandemic movies may seem like the best source of fictional information to get through a real-life crisis, but when it comes to guidance, in retrospect nothing was more prescient than The Circle.

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