The Curious Case Of The $25,000 Sunglasses


In the latest edition of The Beverly Hills Housewives, 90210, Adrienne Maloof threw a Califorina-style bbq, the reason for which we can’t quite put our finger on. Some theories as to why said event occurred:

  • 1. To introduce us to the $25,000 pair of sunglasses.
    We met Taylor’s friend Dana, whose sole purpose of attending said party, it seemed, was to brag about the pair of sunglasses she owns that cost about as much as you would pay for a new car. She told virtually anyone who would listen how much she paid for them and explained (in an oh-so Beverly Hills voice), “They’re like 4 carats of diamond, and then they’re gold python, and they’re made of gold.” Congratulations.
  • 2. To give the ladies a chance to gossip about Taylor’s weight. Some more.
    Next stop, Fauxcern Central! Kyle asks, “Can we make sure that Taylor eats? She is completely vanishing,” to which New-Girl Brandi replies, “I told her earlier that she’s on the Divorcée Diet. When you’re getting a divorce you eat all day long but you get really skinny.” After Kyle and the rest of ladies gasped and refuted the idea that Taylor was getting a divorce, Brandi clarified: “Well, I think she’s getting a divorce after our conversation.” The chatter seems especially brutal and catty because all know how that turned out.
  • 3. To highlight Kyle and Kim’s deteriorating relationship.
    After frantically texting and calling her sister to figure out why she hadn’t shown up yet, Kyle admits to the cameras that she’s recently “had to kind of a step back from my sister’s life a little bit.”

And where, you may (or, honestly, may not) ask, was Kim? Oh, you know, just hanging out at home, polishing framed photos of her children and saying things like, “My kids are so pretty!” aloud to herself. “This house is a little too big for me when all the kids are gone. It gets really lonely, you know?” At least she has a housekeeper whom she pays and who must pretend to listen to her ramble on about her kids. So, in this episode, we learned that Kim Richards is sad.

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