The Daily Show Honors the Heroic Voices of Generation Junk Shot


Both Anthony Weiner (who’s running for New York City mayor) and Eliot Spitzer (who’s running for New York City comptroller) are leading in their races right now. This is a big deal not only because the pair have seemingly recovered from their respective sex scandals, but because they — Weiner in particular — are now inspiration to the millions of millennial who thought they’d never have a future in politics because they can’t stop/won’t stop sharing pictures of their naked bodies on the internet.

The Daily Show‘s Senior Reporter Samantha Bee weighed in on this groundbreaking progress, saying, “What President Kennedy did for Catholics and Obama did for African Americans, Weiner and Spitzer are doing for Generation Junk Shot…Somewhere out there is schlong-waving frat boy waiting for his role model to tell him ‘you’re okay.'”

Finally, a voice for the voiceless, a dick pic for the dick pic-less. Let’s all share our Snapchat names and celebrate by getting weird/running for office.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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