The Fascinating Livestreams, Video Games, and TV Series That Got Us Through the Week

"I haven’t been this into a video game since Animal Crossing, and unlike that one, there’s real action in this one."

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Illustration: Images Shutterstock; Graphics by Vicky Leta

This week could’ve been worse. The Supreme Court upheld crucial rights of Native Americans; Donald Trump was indicted (again) and did something deeply weird and funny (again); Kesha scored a victory in her upcoming legal battle against Dr. Luke. Look, in terms of, you know, everything, we’ll take what we can get. But blessedly, we have once again arrived at the weekend. Whether your whole weekend stretches unplanned ahead of you, or if you’ll just need to fill your down time in between Juneteenth and Father’s Day celebrations (great last-minute gift ideas for you here), we’ve got you covered with music and podcasts to listen to, TV to binge, video games to play, and a riveting construction livestream (yes, you read that right) to watch. Now go sit on your couch for a good long while and take a load off.

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