The Fourth Wave Is Rich Girls Doing Whatever the Fuck They Want Apparently

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Here are a bunch of “fearlessly” feminist things that will help you keep “sticking it to the patriarchy” according to a new Vogue article about what Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Leon, wore to Monday night’s CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards:

  • being Madonna’s daughter (“When your mother is Madonna, a renegade spirit runs through your blood by default.”)
  • showing your titties without showing your titties (“…Leon’s deconstructed white Luar dress, the diaphanous white bralette detail plunging fearlessly low to reveal a flash of #freethenipple spirit.”)
  • not shaving your bod hair (“…envelope-pushing when paired with soft fuzz on her bare legs…”)
  • showing your titties without showing your titties or shaving your bod hair while being Madonna’s daughter (“Such unapologetic displays of body hair…on the night before the midterm elections is nothing if not powerful at a time when women are determinedly taking back the narrative around their bodies.”)

Nothing if not powerful…… it’s at least one of those two things!

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