The French Are Too Good for Ridiculous American Words Like 'Hashtag'


Yo, France, don’t you think it’s time that we put aside our differences and got along? I know we failed to help you out with the French Revolution, but, then again, you made some pretty stupid alterations to the Big Mac. Then there was that whole freedom fries debacle, but you’d think, seeing as we also gave you Jerry Lewis, that you could let bygones be bygones. And do you know how many of us saw Les Mis this past month? So many, so why do you now have to get all uppity about the word “hashtag”?

The Academie Francaise, the authority that determines which words will officially be a part the language used by government workers and school teachers, have invented the word “mot-diese” to take the place of “hashtag” because “hashtag” is too darn yankee. “Hashtag” officially takes its place in the English to France language graveyard alongside “email” (now called “courriel”) and Jim Morrison.. As retaliation, résumés will henceforth be known as “job listies” and Marion Cotillard will officially be credited in American movies as “Lauren iPadsworth.”

Latest French Revolution on American Words Is a Brilliant Ban of ‘Hashtag’ [Atlantic Wire]

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