The Gilmore Girls Trailer Is Here, and That's Too Many Pop Tarts For One Meal


Rory and Lorelai are back, shooting the shit in Stars Hollow. Noted set design investigator Bobby Finger observed that they have sat down to a meal of what looks like a family sized pack of toasted Pop Tarts arranged on a platter. It’s gonna be a great four episode (or possibly more!) stint.

While Kate “Dishware Truther” Dries thinks that it could be just a plate, I must agree that at least half those breakfast treats—which they’re eating at night lol these girls—are getting stale and going in the trash. (Did you know that Alexis Bledel hates coffee and always drinks Coke out of those big mugs?)

Though the trailer is short, it clarifies quickly that it’s the same old show, but with brand new points of cultural reference. Amy Schumer is the first talking point, followed by a corpse flower (one of which is just about to bloom at the New York Botanical Garden, FYI), then buttoned with the question that has become pertinent to nerds everywhere in the years since Gilmore Girls last aired: “Do you think John Oliver would find me hot?”

I’d say, yes.

Amy Schumer has responded to her inclusion.

Wow, talk about good buzz.

The show will premiere Thanksgiving Weekend.

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