The GZA Teaches High School Kids to Embrace Science


At New York’s Park East High School, they’re experimenting with new ways to teach students about science. How do you talk to kids? You rap to them! In this pilot program started by Dr. Chris Emdin of Columbia University’s Teachers College, ninth graders are learning about the reproductive system by writing rhymes and raps about fallopian tubes and women’s boobs.

As if that doesn’t sound like the best/potentially most humiliating science class ever, the GZA stopped by to talk to the kids about why science is cool. “The goal is just to awaken the children, make them more aware and embrace science and everything connected to it,” he said. The Wu-Tang Clan IS for the children!

The thought is that kids will use their love of music to cultivate an interest of science. “To me, the markers of success are the students who see themselves as scientists, who are having conversations about science,” Emdin said.

I can see this working on some levels, because everything I know about modern American government, I learned from Schoolhouse Rock! However, as an extremely shy ninth grader myself, the thought of standing in front of my classmates and rhyming “erect penis” with “tiny fetus” sounds like a fucking nightmare. That said, I can see this being a fun way for some kids to learn. Any educators in the house; don’t stay quiet as mouse — tells us your opinion! (Also, I apologize; that will never happen again.)


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