The Hottest New Pushup Bra Is a Bra That Goes Under Your Skin


Scientists have invented a new thing to add the realm of possible body modifications humans can spend their money on and it’s being referred to as “an internal bra.”

The company Orbix Medical is seeking FDA approval for the Orbix Breast Support System. Called Orbishape, it’s for women who would typically be candidates for a breast lift or breast reduction. It consists of a “bra-shaped silicone sling” that fits inside the breast tissue. That sling is then attached to the ribs and breast bone with titanium anchors and surgical threads.

“Think of it as a hammock that sits underneath your breast to keep it supported, or like the bottom part of an underwire bra,” Yossi Mazel, the COO of Orbix told ABC News.

A big benefit of Orbishape is that it reportedly lasts longer than a traditional breast lift and the surgery results in more minimal scarring. It is not the first product like this to come on the market (the Israeli inventors filed the patent for the technology over a decade ago), though it does seem like the first to not use tissue for supporting the breast. The surgery is already being performed in Europe, because they get everything good first.

Image via Chaloner Woods/Getty

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