The Jam Sponge: An Interesting Feminine Product With A Gross Name


Sea sponges have been used to soak up menstrual blood for decades. Much like a tampon, a sea sponge is inserted into the vaginal canal, where its super absorbency slurps up what your uterus is shedding. In fact, according to the Museum Of Menstruation and Women’s Health:

Women have probably used sponges to absorb menstrual discharge for thousands of years, but they have also used them as contraceptives and for putting medication into the vagina (as with tampons; see hieroglyphics from about 1550 BCE). Sometimes it’s hard to say which sponge was used for what – but maybe women sometimes used them for all three purposes.

So. Sea sponge: Not new. What is new? Calling it the Jam Sponge. As in jam it up in there? As in, what comes out looks like strawberry jam? Back to the drawing board with you.

The Jam Sponge: The Feminine Product With An Attitude! [BWE]
Jam Sponge [Official Site]

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