The Lion King Cast Takes Over Subway, Delights/Annoys Everyone


The Broadway cast of The Lion King took over the subway this week to the unbridled delight of passengers on their way to somewhere that probably wasn’t a musical. And while some people looked pretty unhappy to be part of an impromptu Broadway performance, some people seemed genuinely pleased by all the loud noises coming at them.

Of course, if you’re going to do a flash mob type thing, you’ve got to bring the heat and the fire and I would have liked to see more of that here. Or maybe more people not singing because that makes me uncomfortable in public places not usually reserved for the arts. Like what do you even do? Do you make eye contact politely? Do you smile? Do you look away? Or do you just nod along and will the train to move faster so you can get off at the next stop even though it’s like 40 blocks from your destination. No thanks, I’ll walk! No, it’s really ok.

Also: You want to see flash mob? Check out this amazing rendition of “One Day More” performed by the polish cast of Les Mis.

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