The MyKidCantEatThis Instagram is Either Hilarious or Soul-Crushing

In Depth

This Instagram feed makes a spectacularly good argument for never having children.

MyKidCantEatThis, an Instagram feed specifically dedicated to the reasons children decide they cannot eat something, is somewhat of a double-edged sword; on the one hand, some of the entries are hilarious. On the other, some of them might make you want to destroy everything in the world. What this feed does a spectacular job of reminding you is that if you even in the slightest way require life to make sense, don’t ever have children. Tiny not-yet-humans laugh at your outmoded concepts of “logic” and “sanity.”

I warn you now: the following images may test your ability to maintain composure in the face of the absurd and/or reduce you to a weeping, quivering nihilist mess, sure only of the fact that meaning is pointless and we are all hurtling through the black morass of tragic, ephemeral existence with despair our only constant. They might also make you laugh a lot, if that’s your thing.

Life is pain, kid. Get used to it:



If you have even the slightest regard for food waste, small children will destroy everything you thought was good in the world:

Oh my God:

This one is the Omegagram, the single template from which all MyKidCantEatThis-kind hath been wrought. Behold the mouth of madness:

…OK, that last one’s kind of amazing.

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