The Nation's First 'Tomboy' Clothing Store Comes to San Francisco


I know “tomboy” isn’t all encompassing, but the name of the shop is Tomboy Tailors, and I didn’t have enough room in the headline to add “butch/boi lesbians, trans-masculine individuals, and women and men of any identity who have a strong sense of self-expression.”

Now that we’re all (a little) more informed, let’s go shopping!

The idea for Tomboy Tailors came when founder Zel Anders’ became frustrated with the limited availability of well-fitting menswear for women. The San Francisco resident decided to take the clotheshorse by the safety pins and open her own utopia of custom-made suits with fine fabrics in gorgeous prints. The in-house line is made-to-measure, so customers can get the cut and fit they want, and there’s even a plus size line! Plus plus, when their brick-and-mortar store opens on Feb 2, they’ll carry men’s shoes in smaller sizes to complete the dapper look.

“I am having so much fun just watching people ponder and choose from the several hundred fabrics that they have as options,” Anders told the San Francisco Bay Guardian. ” Not only do they have to think about what color they want their suit to be, but they have to decide if they want a solid, herringbone, pinstripe, chalk stripe, plaid, or even a bird’s eye, nail’s head, or houndstooth check pattern to the fabric.”

Awesome! If this takes off, perhaps we’ll see more stores like it opening all over? Gorgeous, made-to-order clothing for all! Now, let me see about that raise…

Tomboy Tailors opens up the first genderqueer menswear shop in the country [SFBG]

photo via Tomboy Tailor’s Facebook

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