The New Grace of Monaco Trailer Tries Really Hard to Make You Like It


Though the last trailer for Grace of Monaco starring Nicole Kidman made it seem like the movie was going to be all boring and no play, Warner Brothers has really upped the ante in this new, longer look at the film. She loves her husband! But she’s frustrated! Ah, beauty, fame and power! But family is all that’s important!

Deadline says the movie will premiere at Cannes, which is maybe why the trailer has a new, much more exciting typeface.

Old font:

New font:

So the font switch and the fact that Frank Langella, Parker Posey and Milo Ventimiglia are also in the movie might be enough to compel you to watch it on Netflix. Oh, and I read in some magazine that Nicole Kidman’s makeup artist did a lot of fascinating contouring on her face to make her look more like Princess Grace. So there’s that too.

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