The Nine Different Ways A Man Can Pee


Generally, ladies only a few ways of urinating: sitting down, squatting (the modified utkatasana), or possibly using one of those nifty contraptions that allows us to pee standing up. But mostly we just sit. That’s kind of how things are built down there. Thus this illustrated diagram of the nine different ways men can pee makes us just a little bit jealous. Well, that and how they can write their own names in the snow.

In viewing this graphic, I learned a few things: sometimes a man’s pee splits into two streams, guys must be aware of their surroundings during their business, and a dude can pee sitting down if his heart so desires. So why does it seem like every time a guy uses the toilets at my house, he always seems to be practicing method #9?

Click to enlarge.

[Fumboo via Laughing Squid]

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