The One Word That's Still a Sexting Taboo


In an ideal world, a lady chooses to sext because sexting gets her rocks off. The mobile exchanges of I’m hard/I’m wet are an easy, lazy and safe way to test comfort zones and have a good time — and you don’t even have to stop watching Roseanne reruns from your couch in order to participate. What freedom! There is one problem, though — apparently, no one wants to sext using the word “vagina” or any slang variation of it because vaginas are just too unseemly for all this highfalutin talk about boners and coming all over someone’s tits. What’s a modern girl to do?

From The Huffington Post:

Julia Reinstein, a sex columnist at American University, claims that the word “pussy” is not a sexy term for a woman’s lady-parts and that there is no socially comfortable word for “vagina” in sexting.
“I think the only reason we don’t think ‘vagina’ is a sexy word is because we’ve been taught that ‘vagina’ isn’t a sexy word,” she said.

Joining in the HuffPo discussion on sexting was Northwestern University sex columnist Laken Howard, who agreed with Reinstein, adding “I never feel comfortable describing my vagina in a sexy way.”

Is vagina really so awful of a word? It’s got a lot of open vowels, which is aurally pleasant. Plus, it has the name Gina in it and there are plenty of lovely Ginas in the world (Gershon, Torres and — actually, that’s it). Unfortunately, the distaste for the word is probably linked to something much more problematic — that woman are programmed from a very young age to believe that there is something inherently gross and wrong about their sexual anatomy.

But there isn’t! Your vagina — while I don’t know her personally — is probably great as is. Who knows? She might even be feeling a little left out of all your sexting. I mean, you are talking about her taking the brunt of whatever it is you and your sext partner are going on about, so you might as well let her have a voice in all this. (BTW: I discovered that my vagina has the voice of Morgan Freeman, making everyday like I’m living March of the Penguins!)

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