The Real World: When A Drunk Roommate Almost Kills Another Drunk Roommate


Last night’s episode picked up where the last left off, after Ty drunkenly threw Andrew off a two-story balcony. The ambulance arrived, and though most seemed upset, Ty kept laughing. I wanted someone to scream, “It wasn’t not funny!”

Granted, Ty and Andrew appeareed completely trashed, but it was really weird that before Andrew even got up, Ty kept insisting that he didn’t thrown him off the balcony, even though there were tons of witnesses and cameras. What’s weirder is that these people even moved Andrew, potentially complicating any kind of back or neck injury. Actually, he’s lucky he was so drunk, because his body being so relaxed is probably what saved his life.

Ty continued to behave oddly, laughing, and even slapping Andrew on his legs.

Andrew was taken away in an ambulance, and spent the night in the hospital, and walked away in the morning with no serious injuries, although he was happy to be able to keep his neck brace.

The roommates held a house meeting and Andrew stated that he wanted Ty to stay, but Emily—who used to sleep with Ty—felt like she and the other roommates weren’t safe. So the compromise, which Ty offered, was that he would no longer drink. That lasted for about a day. When Emily found out he started drinking again, she bugged out, but the other roommates were kind of over it at that point, and didn’t feel like kicking him out.

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