The Revamped Zoomer Girl Scouts Uniform Includes Leggings and Denim

The Revamped Zoomer Girl Scouts Uniform Includes Leggings and Denim
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Leggings, long the bane of dress-code-enforcing public schools’ existence, are now part of the official Girl Scouts uniform. The organization has updated its khaki-centric uniforms to better reflect what a new generation thinks is cool, rolling out a collection filled with cargo skirts, denim jackets, and skater dresses.

“For over a century, Girl Scouts have proudly worn uniforms that symbolize everything a girl can achieve through Girl Scouts,” the website reads. “As trends evolve, we offer new features and designs that match modern girls’ interests and passions.” The organization teamed up with the Fashion Institute of Technology for the collection and the new uniforms are designed by three 2020 graduates with input from current Scouts, the New York Times reports.

Nidhi Bhasin, Jenny Feng, and Melissa Posner, the three designers who worked on the collection, strike a delicate balance between modest, age-appropriate design and something slightly cooler than the medicinal green vests and white shirt combo Girl Scouts have worn for the past three decades. I could easily see this green cargo skirt on the wall of a suburban Urban Outfitters and the clothes are also more practical, like a badge sash that includes a hidden iPhone pocket.

The organization tells the New York Times that they hope the collection will help older Scouts stay Scouts. But no matter what the Girl Scouts are wearing, I know I’ll still be forking over hundreds of dollars come cookie season on Thin Mints.

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